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CapriColla WOCG Protein is designed as 4-in-1 fitness x beauty pack on the go. Its quattro formula includes Whey Protein, Oligonol, Collagen (PO-OG) and Garcinia Cambogia Extract, sourced from world leading vendors. Each functional ingredient serves well for post-workout nutrition as well as muscle recovery and skin beauty.

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Captain CapriColla

Real reviews from our Captain CapriColla and learn how they survived the 42 Days Challenge while enjoying each others company.

As I challenge myself to longer running distance, muscle pain was not an issue because of CapriColla! Great formula! "

- Captain

 Sticking to my exercise routine with CapriColla as my post workout nutritions, while having the other participants to encourage me on this journey- I feel great! "

- Dora

After my morning run, I would take one pack of CapriColla chocolate flavor and mix it with expresso.  It tastes just like Mocha. Enough protein intake minus the fat from milk. Bonus!"

- Maddie

It's been 6 weeks since I challenge myself to daily exercise. Really glad to have CapriColla with me- kiwi flavor and chocolate flavor are both awesome. I feel like I've improved in terms of endurance and strength- thanks to WOCG formula! I believe I could reach higher goals. 

- Chery

CapriColla is my go-to post workout protein drink after TRX trainning. Love their kiwi flavored one. It's very light. Good protein will help my muscle grow and proteict it as well. I love it! 

- Tree

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